Heres another photograph of Chester Yushin. In this photo shows the steering wheel from  a Ferrari 458 Italia. It mainly focuses on the Ferrari Emblem on the center of the steering wheel. Chester mainly focuses on cars a-lot of the time but  with him he brings the cars to life and show that cars can be part of art .


BloG# 2

chester yunshin

Chester Yushin is a photographer from Hong Kong, he specializes in portraits with cars in them, also he uses models to catch the attention on people.

In this photo is a Gt-40 from the 60’s. The point of this photo is to capture that timeless moment as if u were back in that swinging 60’s era, great way to show color n focuz on the car & model.

PhOtOGrAPhY #1

Andrew ProkosAndrew Prokos also specializes in skylines, cityscapes, and landscapes. He’s based in New York so he has many comprehensive Photographs of New York City & also scenery from Washington D.C.  In every photo he takes you can feel the wind blowing by and make you feel the texture or the objects in the Photo, like as if you was there.