Open Car Meet

Words by Tim Wong

Loi Spec Garage invited me to attend their meet last night in Rosemead. I stopped by for a bit and snapped a couple shots here and there. Not much to say about it.


All the Loi Spec cars all lined up. Most of them with Volk TE37s.









I’m usually a fan of flat paint, but I can’t find myself to like this strange tone of green on this Subaru.







No idea what happened here. Wild with the spray paint perhaps.



I really found this Civic to be quite nicely done. White car on white Work Emotions. Simple and effective.


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Good Cooks

Hi guys! It was an awesome weather yesterday and today, days to enjoy the spring with the kids, a relief after a continuous raining for the whole last week and the week before, which is good but not in kids spring break though. Hope it will not cool too much especially in April, as many are expecting, like what happened last 2 years when it snowed and made damage to a lot of trees and plants.

Today’s the last day of the kids break. We tried to make it super fun. Fortunately, they had a pretty little camp with friends last week before the rain, but during the rainy day, there’s only one thing. Sticking Inside. So we enjoyed some indoor plans, they had the chance to join me in the kitchen and make some of their favourite recipes, or actually, some of their long list of recipes they wished to make…

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Nafterli's Car World

For those that have a ‘Stang suffering from low self esteem

For €8,000, Reifen Koch can get you a Cervinibody kit, composed of a revised front fascia, sills and the tail treatment.

The Reifen Koch ‘Konquistador’ Ford Mustang package also includes a side-exit exhaust system, a full KW coilover kit and a hydraulic axle-lift system to help you go over speed bumps and other obstacles

Story by Autoblog

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We Call Him Yes!Chef!

I saw these colorful mini sweet peppers at the store the other day and I wanted to photograph them but I had to come up with some sort of recipe so that Yes! Chef! would make them for me and then I could photograph them. Lo and behold there was a perfectly great recipe right on the back of the bag.  I brought them home and waved them in front of Yes! Chef!  He said something like, “Yes, they are pretty”.  He knows my propensity for Crow Photography (photographing any pretty, shiny or colorful thing that I see), so he wasn’t culinarily very interested.  Then I showed him the recipe on the back of the bag and I said things like, “Mmmmm.  This looks great” and “I sure do love capers, olives and peppers” and finally, “Could you please make this for me and we could put it on steaks…

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This is sample photo from Steve Demmitt. Steve Demmit is a popular photographer choice for many car magazines and ads. He Makes the cars pop out to the readers and grabs their attention, from his elegant strong detailed pics to his amazing photoshop skills that brings it to a reality. the photographs he takes is amazing, wait more like incredible photographs.

In this picture he brought live and a urban style to these Lexus is350‘s. these is350′s are slightly tuned to give that street racer feel and style. he did and breathless job on cooperating these two cars into balance with the sunset. show the true meaning of great photography.

Heres another photograph of Chester Yushin. In this photo shows the steering wheel from  a Ferrari 458 Italia. It mainly focuses on the Ferrari Emblem on the center of the steering wheel. Chester mainly focuses on cars a-lot of the time but  with him he brings the cars to life and show that cars can be part of art .

BloG# 2

chester yunshin

Chester Yushin is a photographer from Hong Kong, he specializes in portraits with cars in them, also he uses models to catch the attention on people.

In this photo is a Gt-40 from the 60’s. The point of this photo is to capture that timeless moment as if u were back in that swinging 60’s era, great way to show color n focuz on the car & model.

PhOtOGrAPhY #1

Andrew ProkosAndrew Prokos also specializes in skylines, cityscapes, and landscapes. He’s based in New York so he has many comprehensive Photographs of New York City & also scenery from Washington D.C.  In every photo he takes you can feel the wind blowing by and make you feel the texture or the objects in the Photo, like as if you was there.